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Welcome to Dejoyland School, the All-In-One Online School for Nursery and Primary Education where your child can learn at the convenience of your living room. We are committed to laying firm foundation for your kids whether or not you pay us for the knowledge acquired. Your child will also get certified from one of Nigeria's approved best Nursery & Primary School. Feel free to check out some of our free courses.

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Lay the foundation for your child’s academic success with online elementary school. 

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Have an actual life experience. Connect directly with instructors and students. Chat with teachers and share your contributions to our community.

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Test your child’s knowledge. Take quizes and exams after each course is completed. The best way to maximize your knowledge is to test it.

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Get your child certified in a skill or knowledge and get qualified for a badge you can share with your friends, family, school and more on social media.

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Take a free course or paid course, earn points that will reward you degree of coins that can be equivalent to study at Dejoyland Nursery & Primary School

Testimony of a product of Dejoyland School

10 years old, Joshua Agboola, featured on TVC News, Techpoint, Business Day,, and more

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september, 2021

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    We are a citadel of knowledge and academic excellence

    The belief that “every child should have the opportunity to meet their potential and develop their academic and creative mind”, is our pursuit as an institution of learning. Make the best of decision in your life today, by entrusting your child to our care!


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