Kids Coding with Scratch

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What you’ll learn
  • After watching these videos you will feel confident to create your own simple games using Scratch.
  • Learn the general concepts used in animation and games. Similar concepts are used in other programming languages.
  • Able to create educational programs, games and presentations.
  • If you are a parent, you can confidently show your kids the basics of programming, either following the videos with them or teaching them after watching and practicing.
  • No previous knowledge of computer programming is required.
  • Internet connection is needed.

SCRATCH is a programming language designed for children who want to learn about computer programming. It was created with the purpose of teaching them the concepts of programming at an early age and helps develop their creative abilities that are needed to invent their own stories, animations, music, games and more. The best part of learning to program using SCRATCH is that it’s  not necessary to write code, you only need to be familiar with the blocks or instructions in the Scratch tool. These blocks; which have default behaviors assigned to them, can be selected,  dragged  and assembled  to create full programs, presentation and games.

  • Step by step exercises.
  • Targeted for kids ages 8 through 16 but it can be used for anyone wanting to learn computer programming.
  • Explained using easy to follow instructions.
  • Designed for kids to follow but they may require some parental assistance if any issues are encountered.
  • Recommended for parents who want to teach the fundamentals of visual programming to their children.
Who this course is for:
  • Great for kids wanting to learn their first programming language.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about visual programming.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to program.
  • Teachers and parents with a young audience that need to be introduced to the world of computer programming.


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