Sewing for Tweens and Teens




What you’ll learn
  • Safely operate a sewing machine and iron.
  • Learn to effectively control a sewing machine
  • Create a small tote bag.
  • Become familiar with industry standard sewing practices
  • Student will need a sewing machine, iron, fabric and a willingness to learn a new skill.
  • Student will need to collect some basic supplies before beginning the class.
  • A trip to the fabric or craft store may be in order to purchase some supplies specific to sewing.

Beginner Sewing for Tweens and Teens is an introductory course to sewing meant to show you everything you need to know to safely operate a sewing machine. I will show you everything from machine set up to the construction of a simple tote bag.

Learn Basic Sewing Practices And Challenge Yourself to Create Your First Sewn Item

  • Learn how to safely operate a sewing machine
  • Practice basic stitching skills like creating corners and curving lines
  • Recognize problems and learn how to fix them
  • Learn how to read a sewing pattern
  • Properly cut fabric in preparation of sewing
  • Use industry standard construction and finishing sewing techniques

A Lifelong Skill With Unlimited Possibilities

Learning basics sewing skills is not only a rewarding skill but it is also something that you can develop over your lifetime. Start with something small and eventually work up to creating your own clothing.

If you have ever considered going into the fashion field this is a great place to start. Unlike most home sewing courses I focus on industry standards and teach you how the professionals sew.

Course Overview

I designed this course for the absolute beginner. If your machine has never been out of the box, no worries, I will show you how to set it up, teach you about the parts of the machine and how to safely operate it to effectively sew together your very first project.

You’ll learn all of these things in 20 lectures with over 2.5 hours of video content plus a bonus lecture that shows you how to customize the pattern to create any size tote you wish.  Each lecture is broken down into easy to understand topics as to no overwhelm a beginner and created in real time so you can follow along or pause the lecture and pick it back up at any time.

By the time you finish this course you will be a confident seamstress well on your way to enjoying a skill that you can grow and develop over your lifetime. The machine will no longer be a scary machine but a place you visit for a creative outlet and a tool to help you construct some really cool stuff.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for tweens and teen who want to learn how to sew.
  • No prior sewing experience is necessary.
  • Younger students should have adult supervision especially while ironing and cutting fabric.
  • This course is probably not meant for someone looking to learn more advanced sewing techniques.


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